Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Drury University students visit to Rich Hill (Rich Hill Mining Review)

Drury University students visit to Rich Hill (Rich Hill Mining Review)(Jan.28 2011)

Vision Team Chairperson Bart McClaughry traveled to Springfield, to give a power-point presentation to the students of the Drury School of Architecture, Wednesday, Jan.19 as a preliminary step in the Vision Initiative Program.
According to McClaughry, about 40 to 50 students listened to the presentation which highlighted both Rich Hill's history and the Vision Committee's concerns for the future. Other towns were also present that day giving presentations, but according to McClaughry, only rich Hill providied a power-point presentation.
"I felt like it went very well," said McClaughry who also stated that Professor Jay Garrott, the Vision Program director, related later that he had received positive feedback from many students regarding Rich Hill.
The next step in the process is the selection of those students who will be working on the Rich Hill initiative. Those hand picked students will then visit Rich Hill, Saturday, Jan. 29, when they will meet with the Vision Team Committee members and be given a tour of the community.
Natalea Hoeper, a member of the Vision Team Committee, who helped put the power-point presentation together, will be part of the group that hosts the students.
"I am looking forward to their visit," said Hoeper who also expressed interest in the work they will be doing.
"I've seen the kind of work they've done for other communities,"said Hoeper who mentioned two-inch thick books the students put together complete with studies, drawings, graphs, and forecasts.
Hoeper also expressed some of the concerns that the committees members have set before the students which include: curb appeal, a new community center, better roads and more jobs.

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