Saturday, February 5, 2011

Drury University students visit Rich Hill

Drury Students that will be studying Rich Hill this Semester are,left to right: John Williams, Melissa Petrie, Mike Czajka, Robert Snyder and Justin Rios.
Drury University students visit Rich Hill (Rich Hill Mining Review) February 4, 2011

Five Students from the Drury School of Architecture were met by Rich Hill Vision Committee members Bart McClaughry, Natalea Hoeper, Jennifer Perkey Ewing, Randy Bell, Debbie Bradley, and Peggy Entrikin at Swopes Drive Inn at 11 am. on Saturday,Jan.29.
Following introductions, the students loaded up in the Myrtle Tree Christian Church Van and were given a tour of Rich Hill and the surrounding area by Natalea Hoeper. They visted Harmony Mission, a number of strip mine pits,the McGennis Youth Center,the Mennonite Community and Rich Hill itself arriving back at Swopes at 1:30 enjoy a late lunch with committee members.
They really ebjoyed the Town, said McClaughry,"they especially loved our parks".
McClaughry also add that they were thrilled seeing Mennonites driving horse drawn buggies.
Their excitement according to McClaughry was partially due to the fact that most of the students were from urban areas like St. Louis and Chicago.
Following their tour of Rich Hill, the students traveled to Butler to visit the Bates County Museum to gain further insight on the history of the community.
"You could see their wheels already turning,"said Hoeper speaking of their interest in the community and their desire to find ways to enhance Rich Hill growth in the future.
"They've got their work cut for them,"said McClaughry ,"but we're all excited about the project".
According to McClaughry, the committee will probably meet a couple times in the upcoming weeks, but what he is excited about is the open public meeting Feb. 22
"It's an opportunity for others to get involved,"said McClaughry,"and we want to encourage anyone who would like to help to attend".
It's a sentiment that Hoeper also expressed.
"We need all the input we can get,"said Hoeper,"that's why we're doing a public meeting".
The Vision Initiative is intended to help citizens visualize what the town can become in the next 20 years. It's not a comprehensive plan, but a vision building program that combines community input with architectural talent.

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