Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Continuation of Rich Hill Missouri's Prosperity

Continuation Blog of Rich Hill, Missouri's Prosperity. There will be another continuation blog on the prosperity of Rich Hill tomorrow night. Due to the length of this article the story will continue for several more blogs.

Four grocery stores carry an ample supply of food and other merchandise to meet the needs of the people of Rich Hll and the surrounding trade territory.
Red's Food Fair is a large supermarket between Sixth and Seventh Streets on Walnut and owned by Mr. and Mrs. Wayne McCune. Food Fair employs fifteen people including Francis Larce and Nellie Jamett in the meat market with Naomi Wilkerson, Anne Cope and Anabelle Arrasmith as checkers, and Flo Stewart who always helps customers to find items or gets depleted products from the warehouse. Food Fair offers all the advantages of a metropolitan supermarket.
Cash Savers Mart is a new grocery store located in a completely remodeled building on Sixth and Maple Street. The owners are Mr. and Mrs. Joe Boyles and Mr. and Mrs. Steve Williams. The store has well-stocked shelves and an excellent meat market with Joe as the meat cutter. Pat Boyles, Stephanie Perkey and Betty Humble work in the meat department. The two checkers are Betty Ryan and Jeanne Stevens.
In addition to Cash Savers Mart, Joe owns and operates the Boyles Processing Plant on South Sixth Street. He does custom slaughtering and processing. All meat is government inspected.
The Walnut Street Store is owned and operated by Mrs. Linda Hess and carries a large variety of items needed by the Sunday traveler or the neighborhood resident.
The Manchester Store is also a neighborhood grocery located on East Park Avenue. It carries a large selection of items for the neighborhood patrons as well as passers by.
Beautiful flower arrangements for weddings, funerals and special occasions can be obtained at Terry and Arleta Heuser's Flowers and Things. Potted plants, gifts and lawn ornaments are also available at the location on Fourteenth and Walnut Streets.
Potted plants, garden plants, fresh produce and fishing equipment including live bait are available at the Greenhouse of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Ross on Third and Cherry Street.
Stuart's Flower Shop on Walnut Street offers fresh, artifical flowers and potted plants for all occasions.
Jim's Service Station between Fifth and Sixth on Walnut offers all kinds of mechanic work including electronic wheel balancing. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Smith own and operate this busy place.
Ernie Mitchell has been a mechanic for forty-six years and can be found at his garage every day working on cars, tractors, trucks or doing body work. The Mitchell Garage is located on Fifth and Walnut.
Recently Jim and Steve Poulter have opened the J and S Tire Shop on Fourteenth and Walnut. They sell and repair tires for trucks, tractors, cars and farm machines.
Red Star Fina owned and operated by Laning and Hess offers a full service station, self service pumps, a full time mechanic and motor vehicle inspection all at Fourteenth and Walnut.
Kerr-McGee, another full service station, is located at the intersection of Park Avenue and Old Highway 71.
Phillips 66 and Texaco on old Highway 71 are both self service stations with four pumps.
In recent years the age of an item has been a determining factor in its value. No longer do we sell our old furniture and other old items to the second hand store instead we seek the opinion of an antique dealer. These antique dealers usually know the history and value of any item that has moved into the anitque category. Antiques have become such good sale items that customers and dealers come from miles around to buy a precious treasure from Mrs. Sue Gordon at the Cedar Street Antique Shop, Mrs. Laura Colwell of Maplewood Antiques, Betty McCoun's Antique Shop on North McCombs Street, Mrs. Cecil Morrow's Antiques on South Fifth Street, Rosemary Black's Antiques on East Walnut or Mrs. Louella Nichols Antiques on Highway 71 North. .
Good places to eat are also found in Rich Hill. In-the downtown area Ruby's Mini Dine serves delicious pie, sand­wiches, french fries, coffee and cold drinks. Ruby Ellis is the owner and also the cook.
Linda's Cafe owned and operated by Linda Schapeler Snethen is located on Park Avenue and old Highway 71. This cafe is open six days a week serving breakfast and a different menu each day.
Cedar Inn is a new restaurant owned by Randy and Lisa Dixon and features the very latest in furnishings.
Swope's Drive Inn owned by Don and Linda Swope is a good place to get a quick hamburger, Susie Q's, cold drinks or ice cream.
The Stage Coach Inn at the east edge of town is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bain. Food is a speciality for people from neighboring towns as well as local patrons who enjoy the Sunday Smorgasbord in the dining room where groups or individuals are served.

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