Sunday, January 24, 2016

Rich Hill Insurance Calendar 1897-1965

Rich Hill Insurance Calendar 1897-1965

The Calendar says-We celebrated our 13th Birthday in 1897 and 81st in 1965 
Rich Hill Insurance 
   Security Bank Bldg.  ::   Rich Hill, Missouri  
Specializing in Truck Insurance
Phone 395-2111

The top pad says:
  This Calendar ,long out of print,may seem incorrect... but here's a hint
Every year in history Has it"TIME" when dates agree.

And though 1897 is the printed date.1965 is it perfect mate.
The pad's correct you can rely on this useful calendar of days gone by.

And so we're happy to revive Lovely Lillian for 1965
It was she who made the 1890's gay
And we thought you'd enjoy her yet today

And with this sweet alluring creature
you also get another feature
Look at the pad and you can foresee
Things to come in the "next century" 


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