Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"The Case of Couch and Meredith"

Got the book back from the printers. Thanks again for your assistance.

"The Case of Couch and Meredith" chronicles the 1938 crime spree of St. Louis desperadoes John Couch and James Otis Meredith.  They were unemployed and decided to  head out on a road trip, holding up gas stations and taverns along the way when they needed more funds.  Things got out of hand after they car-jacked several people and crossed several state lines. Their activities caught the attention of the FBI, who at he time thought these crimes were being committed by Floyd Hamilton and Huron Ted Walters who were also on the run in the Midwest and happened to be No. 1 and No. 2 on the "Most Wanted List." They made it as far south as Dallas-Forth Worth and as far north as Effie, Minnesota, within 100 miles of the Canadian border before being captured.

As part of their 1938 crime spree, John Couch and James Otis Meredith held up the Skelly station in Rich Hill, The gas station and Red Onion Cafe in Harrisonville, and car-jacked Robert Kalousek of Greenwood.

The book is $14.95 with free shipping. If any of your blog followers are interested, they can find the book at Amazon:


Mark Anderson
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