Friday, May 3, 2013

Rich Hill Mining Review (July 28,1966)

Volume 86 Number 39
Standard Station Robbed of $70.00
Early Sunday afternoon thieves entered the office of the Standard Service Station on Highway 71 and Park avenue and made away with $70.00 from the desk drawer in the office.
Junior Hinton, owner and attendant at the station said he has no idea who thieves might be.He said for a time a car,1965 or 1966 Dodge,bearing a Kansas license, driven by a youth accompanied by another boy and some girls were parked near the station.He said he could not swear they took the money as he didn't see any of them enter the office.About a month ago thieves entered the station and took $323.00 in currency.
It is reported that the car load of young people were run away from Phillips Station across the highway from the Station across the highway from the Standard station by attendant after they were found rummaging through through a filing cabinet in the office. Les Carter,manager of the Phillips station was away at the time.

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