Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Those Depression Years Part 4

Government employees also felt the depression.They took a 10% cut in pay temporarily. It was restored after three years.
 For recreation the Booth Theater had family night on Friday. If the family went as a unit, they would be 
 admitted to the show for 10c each. By 1940 the  regular admission (not family night) was 11c and 26c  
 federal and state tax included.On summer evenings young people and married people put on their bathing suits at home and went to  the Rock Quarry for a swim. Some people went to the  Drainage Ditch but the water was better at the Rock Quarry and it was in walking distance for many.
 The Band concerts in the park on Thursday night attracted many people.This was a town band made up of a number of local musicians. To name only a few there was Marion Hall ,Martian Johnson, Emil Johnson Earl Week,Fred Marquardt,Ward Moore , Curtis Burris,Sam Klumpp,Byron Myerley, Gerald Myerley, Dr. Bill Allen, Raymond Peterman, Glenn Droz, Harold Douglas, Doris Van Gordon and Dolores Klumpp The merchants collected the money to pay them $1.00 if they came to both practice on Wednesday night and band concert on Thursday night. Some being very versatile could play several instruments People who walked, sat in the park on the benches and those who rode parked their cars around the sat in them. The drug stores remained open until after the concert- so anyone could get a 5c ice cream cone.
The American Legion had card parties during the winter months and many people enjoyed an evening of bridge or pinochle.The parties were sponsored by various businesses that furnished the refreshments and prizes.
People-came to town on Saturday night and parked their cars in the center of the street, sometimes they got out and walked around the street and visited with their friends, or at other times they sat in their cars  and visited with people they saw. The stores remained  open until 9:00 p.m. in winter and 10:00 p.m in summer. Just before closing time, perishables  such as strawberries and peaches could be purchased at really low prices.

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