Saturday, January 7, 2012

Green Lawn Cemetery Records (Rich Hill Missouri)

Green Lawn Records
Click on the above link if you want to look at the Cemetery Records


Bettye Zoller said...

My mother and tather are buried in Rich Hill's Greenlawn Cemetary but are not listed on the online record.
Emil Joseph Volkart and Hazel Olimet (could be Cline) Volkart. My husband and I also plan to be interred there (cremation) and are told there is room in the Volkart plot. Please advise. We have visited their graves. Please answer. Daughter, Bettye Sue Volkart Seitz

Bart McClaughry said...

I got the Cemetery records a long time ago from Rich Hill City Hall.So I don't know why all your family is not on the records.

czerny112 said...

John L. Workman, my great grandfather, is also buried here at Greenlawn & it is clearly so stated in his obituary. He died 27 Nov., 1909 at his home in Rich Hill. I do not find him in the record at this website.

Bettye Zoller said...

How do we pursue missing names more actively, and thank you Czerny 122 for your most recent comment and please gell us how we can help get these records up to date.
Bettye Volkart Seitz now living in Dallas

Bart McClaughry said...

I am sorry I didn't see this post early.These are not the official cemetery records.Just a copy of records I got from city hall a long time ago