Sunday, January 17, 2010

I have emails

I received these two in the last couple of weeks
Thank you

Marvin Hurst was my father's second cousin.
I have been researching Hursts who were in Rich Hill and in nearby Vernon County in the 1800's and early 1900's. My great grandfather Jared Morgan Hurst was a gunsmith who died in Rich Hill in 1907.
If you have any information about the Hursts that you care to share, I would greatly appreciate seeing it.
Best regards,
Ned Hurst
Hello Bart,
I just found your blogspot about Rich Hill tonight! I have enjoyed going back through the posts. My father grew up in Rich Hill - so even though i am the youngest of his kids (born 1955 here in Arkansas) - i remember many of the names that you have mentioned in various blogs and have fond memories of the park at the end of town.
Your post of January 23, 2009 about the 1918 Rich Hill Track championship mentions my fathers name though he was not present for the picture.. My father was Herman Sick a.k.a Herman W. Sick Jr. (born July 4, 1910 - died April 30, 1976) His father was Herman W. Sick Sr and he was a jeweler in Rich Hill. We had many relatives there during the initial years of the town. Our relatives on that side of the family have been harder to though so if you ever run across anything - i would love to hear from you. My grandfathers father was William Sick. As near as we can determine - he was born in Baden somewhere around 1818 and died in Rich Hill in July of 1882. As the story goes someone arrived in New Orleans with a top hat and a cane-though no records can be located to confirm this.
It seems like everyone just kept repeating the same names so it is hard to track sometimes.
I have sent on your blog address to my older two sisters and my brother. The last of our relatives in Rich Hill was my aunt Mary E.. Sick. She lived on Olive Street next to Mrs. Erke and after my grandfather died - she lived there for awhile but then sold the house and moved to Arkansas. She has since also passed away (1989) . The house on Olive Street is no longer there but i have memories of visting it as a child.
thanks so much for doing this blog. I have enjoyed walking through these memories.
Roberta Sick
Little Rock, Ar

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