Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sammuel Hackett

Does this house look familiar to you?
Tonight's blog I need help from the people who have been following this blog or just anyone who knows about this house. Just below the picture is an email about this house.

Hello Bart,

I read your blog on Samuel Hackett and appreciated that. I am a relative
of his and am interested in the Hackett family history, which is quite
interesting. Samuel was one of ten brothers. Eight of them fought in the
Civil War, on either side. I have here a picture of an old house which I
believe housed one of the brothers. I suppose it could be Samuel's. It
must have been in western Missouri or eastern Kansas in 1906. I'd like
you to take a look at it and see if you recognize it. Thanks a bunch.

Rick Walker
If you have information about the house pictured above please contact me any information is appreciated.

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