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Grade School Building Project 1956

Pictures from 1956 Rich Hill Yearbook

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Rich Hill Mining Review January 11, 1979

Monday night's council meeting got underway on a slightly different note this week. Before the reading of the minutes Mayor Bill Thelen asked Mr. and Mrs. Willis Skaggs to come forward. The Skaggs' home was damaged by fire earlier in the week. Thelen presented them with several checks from various donors including the city, and made mention of several other donations of goods to the couple.
After the presentation the council settled down to busi­ness. The main topic of dis­cussion center around the water tower. Two leaks from the tower combined with the freezing weather providing a spectacular ice scene for travelers on Walnut Street. However, the scene provided another type picture to the councilmen - an expensive one. Both city pumps have to be used more due to the leaks to keep up the water supply, according to city clerk Marcelle Marquardt.

.Alderman Blackie Robert­son suggested a warning be placed in the paper cautioning people that water pressure might be low especially in case of a fire. A caution was also given to stay away from the tower due to the danger of falling ice.

A tower repair company was scheduled to arrive in Rich Hill on Wednesday to assess the problem. The leak, at the bottom appears to be caused by natural erosion, said Mayor Thelen. However, the one with the water spurting out could. be man-made, he said. He mentioned that several street lights were shot out recently on Park Avenue. Replacement of street lights costs the city $6-10,000.00 a year, much of which is caused by vandalism, he said.

The mayor informed the council that a HUD waterline grant application was mailed Monday night. The application requested funds for water line improvements in the south­west and northeast section of town.

The application was for a of $186,000 $105,000 in the southwest and $81,000 in the northeast.

Police Judge Herb covey informed the council that effective February 1, court would be held at 9 a.m. on the second and fourth Tuesday in the city hall chambers. He also suggested that court costs be raised from $10 to $12. To enact the raise in an amendment in the city ordinance would have to be made. No action was taken on it.

Thelen read aletter from the Nevada-Vernon County Chamber of Commerce thanking the mayor for his aid in helping find funding for a secretarial posiotion in their office.

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Street Signs 1969

This article comes from the Rich Hill Mining Review May 8 1969

This article comes from the Rich Hill Mining Review July 31 1969
CB Group asks Council to order Street Signs

.Contributions to the street sign fund are still arriving, however, we have just reached the half-way mark and much more is needed.If you have not sent your donation you may send it to the City Clerk, Rich Hill Mining Review, Marqaurdt Store, Klumpp Hardware, Dr. F. D. Inmon, Dave Clark, presi­dent of Community Betterment or to any business person in Rich Hill who will gladly give it to the fund.
. Mr. Clark President of Community Betterment met with the city council last week and asked if the council will order the signs within the next week which they agreed to do. It will require approximately a month for the company to fill the order, it is hoped that by that time most of the money to pay for them will have been raised.
.The cost of the signs and poles for each intersection is $12.00. Many persons have paid for one sign which is a big help, al­though any amount that can be given is appreciated. The street sign project has been kicked around several years by different organizations and now with all of them joining hands the signs will be a reality in a short time.

.Another project suggested to the city council by Mr. Clark was the repairing and refinishing the memorial 'entrance to Rich Hill at Highway 71 and Park avenue. The council gave Mr. Clark permission for the club to do the -necessary work, which, when completed will add much "to the entrance to Rich Hill. This memorial entrance was erected by the Craig-Wheel-er-Duzan Post, of the American Legion soon after World War I.
.Have you driven over town this summer and viewed the welLkept lawns at many homes It is true there area few vacant lots which need to be cleared of of weeds but as a whole the own is most attractive. Rich Hill has a number of show places. Look around you and see what you can do to help Rich Hill's beauty

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Logan-Moore Lumber Co.{AD} Feb 6, 1930 Rich Hill Mining Review

The Missouri Colony Brooder House
8 x 10 $48.50
Built Ready for the Chickens
Our Missouri Type specification, of strong, durable lumber, weather tight. Plenty of windows properly ventilated:all ready for the chickens when they leave our yard. We also have a complete bill of material and you can build them yourself.
We will be glad for you to call and inspect our broder houses, self-feeders, and chicken supplies.
Logan-Moore Lumber Co.
D.O. Bradley, Jr. Local Manger
Phone 31
Rich Hill Mo.

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July 6,1952 Legion Ball Park Officially Dedicated

The new American Legion ball park was officially dedicated to the youth of the community in impressive services at the park Sunday afternoon, July 5 by offices and members of Craig-Wheeler
Duzan Post No 67 American Legion; officers and members of Rich Hill Lodge 1026 B. P.O. Elks,and visiting State officers of the American Legion .A large crowd was present.
The program was conducted from the speakers platform in front of the grandstand near home plate and was decorated with American flags. In place also was the colors of the local Post of the
American Legion who sponsored the building of the park. The program was carried to the large audience over a pubic address system.
Glen Droz, a member of the local Legion Post, acted as Master of ceremonies.
Preceding the ceremony a concert was given by the members of the R-IV School district band,under the direction of Jon Ferguson, instructor of music in our school.
The dedication services opened by an impressive - flag raising ceremony conducted by color guard and mem­bers of the local Legion Post fol­lowed by a prayer by Lowell Davis
The flag pole was a gift from the officers and members of the Rich Hill Lodge No. 1026 B.P.O. Elks and was erected in deep center field near the board fence. The flag was also a gift from the organization . In behalf of the order services dedicating the staff and presentation of the flag were conducted by Frank Ralston and C.F. Krieger, members of the local order of Elks.
Sam Fisher, commander of Craig-Wheeler-Duzan Post No. 67 of the American Legion gave a resume of the method used in acquiring the land and the planning, buiding and completion of the project.
The dedication address was given by James. Whitfield- of Warrensburg Department , Adjutant,Missouri Department of American Legion. Mr. Whitfield is an excellent speaker. His talk was interesting and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
Mr. Whitfield was accompanied by Bill Cain of Butler, a sixth District Legion officer.
A baseball game Ft. Scott and Legionnaires followed the dedication services.

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Editorial By Randy Bell Aug. 26 1982

The grass and weeds in the side­walks of downtown Rich Hill was a topic at a recent Chamber of Com­merce meeting. All agreed the ap­pearance of the business district could be enhanced with just a little effort. I chimed right in with the rest pointing out that just a few hours work could rid the area of the unwanted greenery.

Someone pointed out that the Review had quite a weed growing right by the door. Quickly I assured them that this magnificent speci­men was no weed but a valuable ornamental plant that I tended with daily care. I convinced no one.

The truth of it is that I had stopped one day, right before the Fourth, to pull this weed. It didn't yield quickly and I was in a hurry so I left it meaning to come back later and dig it out. A month later it was still there. However just a few days after the Chamber meeting I found the weed stuck in my screen doora reminder that improvement projects start close to home.

I really never noticed that weed much. Usually in a hurry I just went in the front door with head down not looking to the left or right. But you can bet others noticed it and all the other weeds and grass by the store fronts. It's like at home rushing to do some home repair before visitors arrive. As long as it's just the family you let it go, sometimes even for­getting the problem exists. But the thought of visitors seeing our short­comings brings on a flurry of activity.We have visitor’s everyday down­town.

Of the problems that exist for Rich Hill some will have to have long term solutions. But the prob­lems of grass and weeds can be licked in just one afternoon.

Saturday afternoon there going to be a workday for this very purpose.

If you own a business or building downtown this would be a good time to begin the clean up. If you can't make it yourself there are probably some young people around town willing to make a few dollars for back to school.

Pitch in. Let's start the ball rolling for some improvements not only in downtown Rich Hill but for the whole town.

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Flag Raising-June 22 1917 Rich Hill Daily Review

Flag Raising here To-Day

Mammoth Flag at Entrance to Central Park-- Patristic Occasion

The beautiful America flag was raised to the top of a mammoth flag pole nearly seventy feet high at the entrance to Central park this Friday afternoon with appropriate ceremonies enhanced with patriotic airs played by the Rich Hill band, The crowd was not as large as hoped for but the occasion was marked with genuine enthusiasm. Mayor Jones presided. J. D, Moore introduced the speaker of the day.

W. O. Jackson, of Butler, made the address of the day, delivering an eloquent and forceful address in harmony with the spirit of the occasion, the band rendered some fine selections, including the Star Spangled Banner, and Mrs. Marvin Gench gave a delightful song, which added a charm to the patriotic event.

The old war veterans were there and had the honor of raising "Old Glory," "which was a pleasant task for them. The flag is beautiful, 10x18 feet, and was purchased with contributions by the citizens of Rich through the untiring efforts of the Park Association girls who richly deserve the credit for their patriotic efforts.

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April 1917 Rich Hill Newspaper

Municipal Matters.

The city council convened in regu­lar session Tuesday evening, Mayor Jones and all members of the council being present. In addition to routine business transacted, R. S, Parsons was installed as the new superin­tendent, and A Gordon assistant superintendent. Contracts were made for another year with the Westinghouse and B & M. companies for lamps, meters and other supplies. Monthly accounts were also allowed.

To the Public !

Having- rented the repair shop at the White Way Garage, I am prepared to repair all makes of automobiles; also any tractor or stationary engine, electrical work on motors, cars etc. Am equipped to pull in broken down cars.Kindly solicit your patronage. All work guaranteed.

H. R. Johnson

Phone 60

Extension to the Miller Garage—Heck & Ruble Make New Improvements.
A new extension building is being added to the Dennis Miller garage property on Fifth Street. The new building is 50x50, and is being con­structed of new building material from the Dickey clay plant, which has lately been enlarged, being the first output of the new clay and tile works. In the new garage building concrete floors have been laid, and a handsome French plate glass, front, with a broad entrance, and other im­provements of a modern character will be added to the structure. When completed the Miller garage property will be 50x140 feet, giving the ample accommodations and making it one of the best in this section of country,
The building on Park Avenue oc­cupied by Heck & Ruble, manufac­turers and jobbers of fine cigars, is undergoing extensive improvements. A new French plate front has been added, partitions being torn out to give way to s fine office building and other interior improvements. This firm is manufacturing popular brands of cigars and their trade is being extended to cover a portion of Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma- They give employment-to several salesmen be­side employees of the factory. The growth of their business justifies the modern improvements in the building occupied by this splendid industry