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Michael Gilmore Picture on Facebook

Santa on the Caboose in Rich Hill 12/21/2017

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Rich Hill Mining Review April 18 1991

Rich Hill Mining Review April 18 1991  Story on Junior Manchester
Mr. and Mrs. Junior Manchester
The list of stores where Junior and the late Bessie Mae Manchester worked before opening their own grocery store sounds like a 1940's Rich Hill business directory.
For the 33 years between 1954-1987 you could almost always find one or both at the Manchester Grocery ,even well into the evening.
Junior stated his working career at Dunnaway's  back in 1934.He also worked at Marquardt's Grocery,Ashley's Grocery and McCormicks Grocery.During many of those same years Bessie Mae Wheeler was working at Sharp's Grocery, Whittie's Bakery and Canfield Variety.
The couple married in 1950 either lived on their cattle farm east of Rich Hill or at the store throughout their married life.
Junior's father was a carpenter in Rich Hill and Junior attended all 12 years of  schooling in Rich Hill.Bessie Mae's parents were farmers in Sprague area and she went to grade school in Sprague and high school in Rich Hill.Bessie was a long time member of the Christian Church.

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Foster Church moved to Rich Hill in 1992

Rich Hill  Mining Review in 1992

Headed to new home
For 109 years it was the Foster Methodist Church but a declining attendance finally caused  that congregation to join with the hume Methodist.  This left the Church up for bids. A Church group in Rich Hill Christian home fellowship ,was the high bidder and soon the building will house a new congregation. Tuesday was  moving day for the building and slowly made its way from Foster to Rich Hill.This photo was taken near New Home and it was expected the Church would reach its new location just East of Rich Hills East Park late Tuesday or sometime Wednesday.

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History of Bates County, Missouri on Mr. William Harkins

{This Story was found in the History of Bates County, Missouri By William Oscar Atkeson}Historical Publishing Company, 1918 
The recollections of a conversation with Mr. William Harkins on the porch at his home near old Rich Hill in the summer of 1887 leads the writer to think that possibly others may be interested in simple incidents and folk lore of former days. Mr. Harkins had been a soldier of the war of 1812 his home at that time being in the wilds of western New York State.
A typical pioneer he soon found that the environments of that vicinity were changing too fast for him and he gradually drifted with the tide of emigration west until he reached his last abiding place near Rich Hill when Bates County was still in the wilds. He loved to tell of the incidents of the early settlements of the country from New York State west to Bates County, Missouri. He died near Rich Hill about 1886, one of the last survivors of  the War of 1812.
 He was a type of the first settlers, honest because it was natural to be so, he wore his rough side out, and what would have appeared to be refinement of the present day, as bruskness was simply the influence of surroundings that called  for positive actions  and resolutions to meet conditions and under the hardened exterior there glowed a kindly disposition. He was neither rich or poor as we term it today. When the conversation turned to acquiring property he would say "I have always been careful and have succeeded in keeping enough property to be independent." That sentiment prevailed largely with the early settlers. To him "independent" meant having enough to eat and wear and be comfortable in his home and sufficient land and stock to reasonably assure the continuance of that condition. I use him as a type because he was one of the most typical of the type that formed the better element of the first settlers.
Notes from Bart McClaughry: 
I think Mr. Atkeson  is wrong about  Mr. Harkins being from New York the Census shows  he was from Pennsylvania and there is a William Harkins which the War of 1812 Pension Application Files shows from Pennsylvania


Oct. 29, 1796
Death: Oct. 11, 1887

Green Lawn Cemetery
Rich Hill
Bates County
Missouri, USA
Plot: Robinson-Row 5-N

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Rich Hill Mining Review Oct. 16,1980

Rich Hill Mining Review Celebrates a 100 years with a  picture from the 50's

A crew from the 50's-Front row left to right:Paul Droz,Janie Droz, Larry Gilkey,Larry Black Jerry Jennings,Charlene McIntire,Roy Black.Back row,Charles McIntire,Edward Kenny,Ida Kenny,Don Droz,Francine Droz,Lerry Headley,Mary Jane Headley and Clyde Hupton.

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Rich Hill Mining Review July 20,1978 New Business

Rich Hill Mining Review July 20,1978  New Business 

The Red Star Service Station has new owners as of last week.Mr and Mrs.Rick Lanning,Mr. and Mrs. Terry Lanning and Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Hess now own the business in partnership with Tony Lanning as manager. The full service station will be open from 7 a.m.-9 P.M. seven days a week with a 24 hour wrecker service.

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Ida Kenney Memories of 1955 Celebration {From the 1975 4th History in Review}

Ida Kenney Memories of 1955 Celebration
Rich Hill Mining Review "History of the Fourth  {June 28,1975}

The 4th of July have always been held on the fourth of July or on a Monday,if the Fourth fell on a Sunday with one exception.
In 1955 it was decided by business people and residents of Rich Hill to have a belated celebration commemorating the birthday of the nation and combine it with the seventy fifth  birthday of  the city. A three day celebration July 29,30,and 31,was planned and what a celebration it was.
The first day,Friday,July 29 was Agricultural day awards were presented at the High School and in the afternoon a parade of people dressed in 1880 costumes and old machinery was held downtown.
In the amateur contest Jeffrey O'neil vocalist won first Second place winner was Willow Branch club and third Foster Busy Bee Club.
Miss Sharon Colwell,daughter of Mr. Tom Colwell won the Queen contest Sponsored by the American Legion and its Auxiliary.
Saturday, July 30 was the big day.In the afternoon a parade of seventy-five entries was held in the afternoon. The first christian church won first Community Garden club second and the V.F.W. Auxiliary third.
The last day Sunday, July 31 was another big day.Union church services were held  in the west Park in the Morning.A basket dinner was held in the East Park and in the afternoon.the new shelter house in the East Park sponsored by the Women's Civic club was dedicated followed by the presentation of play ground equipment for the park.It was presented by a representative of the American Legion Auxiliary, sponsors of the project to the City of Rich Hill.
News commentator of radio and TV Mr. Randall Jesse made the major address of the afternoon.
It is estimated that 30,000 people attend the 3-day event.They came from surrounding towns all over Missouri and Kansas, also Oklahoma,Arizona,Tennessee,Florida,Iowa, Illinois Nebraska and Washington, D.C.    


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July 4.1898 in Rich Hill Mo..

This Story is from Ed  McQuitty's  Memoirs
 The Battle of Manila was reproduced in Pomp and splendor on the night of July 4, 1898.Commodore Dewey with a complete replica  of his fleet of battleships.,cruisers and vessels was reproduced in sparkling realism. All sort of fireworks were to used to bring out the desired effect in sea warfare.This demonstration required many hours of labor and the expenditure of a large sum of money. But it was worth all its cost. The Battle was so prefect the writers for Kansas City and St.Louis  papers commended it very highly.

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another Dixie Glynn facebook post

When I read Bart McClaughry's article in the Rich Hill Mining Review a couple of weeks ago about the baby buggy contest which was held in conjunction with the 1951 Rich Hill Fourth of July Parade, it reminded me of this picture. My mother and Mary Catherine Klumpp Greenlee worked so hard on my buggy and my outfit! Sweet Memories!!! Note Alice Casey's house and Kenneth and Theresa Taylor's house in the background! Mom wrote "4th July '51 Pink & aqua" on the back of the picture.
Thanks Dixie

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The Rich Hill Tribune -May 3 1906(Our School Teachers)

The Rich Hill Tribune -May 3 1906 Page 5 (Our School Teachers)

The School board at their last regular meeting elected the following teachers for the ensuing  year:.Prof  Geo S. Smith, Principal high school.And Misses Emma Mattingly and Susie Haswell, teacher.
Prof. C.M. Leedy Principal graded school Bryant building  and Misses Mary Mattingly, Blanche Rhodes, Agnes Twaddle Jo Steele and Belle Watson, teachers.
 Prof. C. T. VanBenthusen, principal Franklin school, and Misses Lulu Springer, Myrs Fry and Essie Geiger, teachers.
Prof. S. O. King, principal holmes school with Misses Julia Connelly, Alma Ashby and Addlie Pettus, teachers.Very few changes were made in the list of teachers from last year.
Geo. McReynolds was elected janitor for the west side building Peter Haley for the east side building, and Geo. W. Lawson for the south side school.
Prof. Frank Robinson was reelected superintendent of the city schools sometime ago.

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Help I.D. Picture

In trying to identify a family picture that was taken in Rich Hill, MO I seen the Rich Hill History blog.  I have a picture that says it was taken at Van Voorhis in Rich Hill, MO.  This is some of my family but I do not know who they are.  Do you put pictures on the blog for people to identify?  I would like to put this picture on if possible. I do not know when it was taken - probably late 1800's.  It could be from a Dudley family or Walker family.  Any help you could give me would be appreciated.

Thank you.
M. Reed

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Retirement Celebration – Kay Thompson

 Copied from RHTiger Talk
After 43 years in the teaching field long time Rich Hill teacher Mrs. Kay Thompson has decided to retire from teaching.  The public is invited to come and help her celebrate her years of service on May 11, 2017 from 6-8 pm in the Rich Hill Elementary Cafeteria.
Mrs. Kay Thompson has been teaching at Rich Hill for 43 years.  She graduated from Hume High School and Pittsburg State University.  She began her teaching career in Overland Park, Kansas where she stayed for five years.  Mrs. Thompson and her family moved to a farm south of  Hume in July of 1974.   Mr. Les White and Mr. Jesse Teel hired Mrs. Thompson to teach third grade in the Rich Hill School District at that time.  Mrs. Thompson was allowed to bring her four children to school in the district.   Her classroom was in the room where the elementary computer lab is today.  Mrs. Dorothy Droz was the other third grade teacher.  Many of the students who were in that 3rd grade class are still living in the community and Mrs. Thompson has had the opportunity to teach their children as well.
Mrs. Thompson says that she has many wonderful memories of exciting events that occurred while she has been part of the school.  The girls had many special basketball teams who went to State, the boys winning the State football game in St. Louis, the track teams winning many events at State, and our Science Olympiad teams winning at Regionals to go on to the State contest where many students placed first in their events at the State tournaments.   She hopes that she has instilled in her students the desire to be life-long learners.  She finds it  very rewarding to hear from students as they continue on their journey through life.
Mrs. Thompson went on to say that one of her best memories from childhood is coming to Rich Hill to roller skate at the rink with her family.  Her dad would drive around their neighborhood with the grain truck and pick up families and then drive to Rich Hill.  He had a tarp over the bed. She says she  had so much fun skating and can remember winning some of the skating events.  She says when she tells this story to her students today, they wish Rich Hill still had a skating rink.
Thank you Mrs. Thompson for your years devoted to the education of Rich Hill students.  Enjoy your retirement.  It is well deserved.

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Old MODOT Picture

Old MODOT Picture

Left to Right
1.Marvin Rich 2. Jewel Tourtillott 3.Kenneth King 4.Bob Wingate 5.Lawrence Black 6. Glen Adams 7.Bud Castleberry 8.Dennis Rolland 9.Ralph Nation

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