Monday, April 13, 2020

Roger Moore Picture of the Old Hatchery at 6th and Maple

Thank you  Roger Moore for the picture of the old hatchery  at 6th and Maple

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Picture of the 1937 Football Team out of (The 1938 Yearbook)

 1937 Football Team

  1. Row - Left to Right Schwamb, Williams, Isaacson, Captain Boughan, E. Gilmore, Jennings,
  2. Row Left to Right Stoddard, Rhodes, Heinlen, Basore, Hough, V. Fix, Pearson , Hume
  3. Row Left to Right W. Gilmore, Woodfin, Durst, Bradley, J, Fix, Boyd, Westerhold.
  4. Row Left to Right Assistant Couch Woody, Sponaugle, Northrup, McMombs, McCaroll, Fisher, Chick, Coach Ertz

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Remembering the Old High School {Picture from Tom Swarnes}

Remembering the Old High School {Picture from Tom Swarnes}

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

From the 1938 Rich Hill High School Year Book

From the 1938 Rich Hill High School Year Book
Mixed Chorus
Sixth Row - Left to Right:
Jon Ferguson, Bill Brown, Sterling Durst, Melvin Peterman, Roy Peterman, Lawrence Anderson, Marvin Peak, Mike McKanley, John Woodfin.

Fifth Row - Left to Right:
Marcie Dickinson, Paul Peterman, Hattie Ingram, Mary Louise Dunham, Dolores Klump, John Lacy, Orris Hall, Raymond Hough.

Fourth Row: - Left to Right:
Irene Terry, Allene Rich, Wilma Ratts, Kathryn Ann Klump, Thelma Olive, Mavis Olson, Lavonne Hall, Evelyn Schooley, Darlene Moody, Wilma Petty.

Third Row - Left to Right:
Allene Hirni, Elizabeth McGinnis, Nadine Stewart, Mary Vodry, Carlene Robinson, Thelma Ochener, Delores Smith, Ruby Rider, Billy Kyner.

Second Row - Left to Right:
Arletha Cullison, Lucille Ragon, Lucille Davis, Betty Newton, Gladys West, Imogene Sivils, Wilma Wilson, Irma Rider,

First Row - Left to Right:
Irene Ragon, Beulah Masure, Pauline Ellis, Jean Woodfin, Frances Vodry, Arlene Lowman, Clodeane Heinlen, Mr. Rankin.