Wednesday, January 22, 2020

From the 1938 Rich Hill High School Year Book

From the 1938 Rich Hill High School Year Book
Mixed Chorus
Sixth Row - Left to Right:
Jon Ferguson, Bill Brown, Sterling Durst, Melvin Peterman, Roy Peterman, Lawrence Anderson, Marvin Peak, Mike McKanley, John Woodfin.

Fifth Row - Left to Right:
Marcie Dickinson, Paul Peterman, Hattie Ingram, Mary Louise Dunham, Dolores Klump, John Lacy, Orris Hall, Raymond Hough.

Fourth Row: - Left to Right:
Irene Terry, Allene Rich, Wilma Ratts, Kathryn Ann Klump, Thelma Olive, Mavis Olson, Lavonne Hall, Evelyn Schooley, Darlene Moody, Wilma Petty.

Third Row - Left to Right:
Allene Hirni, Elizabeth McGinnis, Nadine Stewart, Mary Vodry, Carlene Robinson, Thelma Ochener, Delores Smith, Ruby Rider, Billy Kyner.

Second Row - Left to Right:
Arletha Cullison, Lucille Ragon, Lucille Davis, Betty Newton, Gladys West, Imogene Sivils, Wilma Wilson, Irma Rider,

First Row - Left to Right:
Irene Ragon, Beulah Masure, Pauline Ellis, Jean Woodfin, Frances Vodry, Arlene Lowman, Clodeane Heinlen, Mr. Rankin.

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Tom Wescott said...

Bart, this is great. Is the entire yearbook online? About more yearbooks from the 20s and 30s? I've seen the 1923 yearbook and it's great.