Sunday, April 4, 2010

I have a email


My name is Maureen Mello. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been researching my family tree for a big family reunion in July, 2010, in Oklahoma where I grew up. I have enjoyed reading your blogs this evening and I have found some of those interesting stories that go between the lines of all the census information. I thought I should present you with information of my family history in Rich Hill, Missouri. I discovered I am related to several people of note in Rich Hill. My great-grandfather, Joseph Charon, moved his family from Weston W. VA. In 1883-1884 to follow the coal mining dream. He was a simple man of French descent and he brought his German wife and several children with him. The story told to me was that he had a claim in a coal mine near Rich Hill, but was killed by his partner in 1884. He died quite suddenly, but no one is sure whether it was by poison or by gun. My great-grandfather was only 47-49 years old at the time. I am told he was buried there in Rich Hill. He was Catholic. He left behind my great-grandmother, Barbra Charon, his sons George Charon, Cornealous Charon and John Charon; daughters Johanna and Gertrude. His son, Joseph Charon, was born in Rich Hill after his father’s death. My great-aunt, Johanna Charon, married Elmer Jones in 1891. They lived at 208 Olive St, 202 Chestnut Street and 567 Park Ave. My great-aunt, Gertrude Charon, married John M Heck in 1889. They lived at 198 Chestnut St. My great-grandmother, Barbra Charon, lived at 199 Chestnut St. I visited Rich Hill once or twice as a child. I remember walking to the park and the big house where Esther and Albert Brady lived on Park Ave. I even remember Aunt Johanna, although she was quite elderly. We walked the downtown streets as kids. My mother, Ellen Charon and her siblings spent many summers in Rich Hill during the 20’s and 30’s and I will ask her about the great July 4 events. Thanks again for helping me put details to the lives of my ancestors.


Maureen Mello