Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Rich Hill Tribune July 25 1907

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Old Pictures on the 2008 Rich Hill Mo. Phone Book

Old  Pictures on the 2008 Rich Hill Mo. Phone Book

The back of the books says
Picture 1.The Columns at the Entrance to the East Park.
Picture 2. The Parkview Hotel was located at 5th & Park.Some time after a fire in the early 90's  it was demolished .
Picture 3. Looking east on Park Avenue at Clark's  Drug & Booth theatre.
Picture 4. Bryant High School before the addition of the cafeteria & gymnasium.
Picture 5.The Northup's Drug store building still stands at 6th & Park.
Picture 6. The Standard Service station at 6th & Park was add on to in later years and is now a restaurant.
Picture 7. The RHHS Drum Bugle Corp leads Elks Members in the Flag Day Parade June 14 ,1940