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About the Rich Hill Bandstand from The Bates County republican Dec. 1938


This Article is Word for Word from the Bates County Republican Newspaper (Dec 1938)

Bates County Republican  1/7/1938 to 12/26/1941 Reel# 35376

Finished  Band Stand

Barring a few Minor Details the New Band Stand is all  ready for use!

Every small Detail is looked after making this a fine piece of work

Great Job!!

The Great American implement of cleanliness ,the broom was applied to the Bandstand in the Central Park indicating that the stand was finished and ready for use. There are a few details yet to be finished such as putting some metal strips in the corners of the ceiling and putting the top ornament on the roof, But taking it all in all the stand is finished. And a Dandy fine piece of work it is, we calls  it. 

 We have watched  this stand from its start, seen the rock piled up in the park, viewed with interest the Trenches dug for the foundation, appointed ourselves as a committee of one to inspect the layering of the rock and then offered invaluable suggestions as to the best ways to proceed since the very beginning. We have glorified in the large rock supporting the pillars, thought about the great sport we have had in yesteryears skinning the cat over the railing, argued about the finishing the peak of the roof and  then came right out and bluntly advised them as the best way to light the stand. We are happy to say that in all of these socializations on our part Forman J. S. Thompson has been most kind and considerate. He had the happy faculty of making us think that our own suggestions would be followed out to the most minute detail.  And then he went on and did just as he thought best. And so the Bandstand is a great success and we congratulate Mr. Thompson and through him the members of the American Legion and also the city officials. They have had a monument that the town can point to with a great deal of pride now and in the ages yet to come. For It will be there for a long time.

 We have gone into details telling about this Bandstand so many times that a repetition of them would be boresome.  It is all that we could be desired. From the Indirect lights peeping through the brown ceiling with the black trim to the massive stone pillars it is a most completed piece of Park furniture.

 The lighting fixtures are so arranged that in the years to come the folks will be able to get lights on any setup they might have. A loudspeaker could be installed on the stand and immediately the wires would connect it with the current. In front of the stand where the roof does not extend  there is a place where they will have flood lights in case of an amateur show-heaven forbid. When not in use this floodlight trough will be neatly covered with a lid that fits perfectly. And then later a bronze plate will be placed on one of the corner posts telling the coming generations just when the stand was built and who was responsible for its erection. No doubt but what this plate will answer many an argument when folks get to talking about when the work was done.

  A mighty nice piece of work this stand. And we think the town ought to decide to keep it. 

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Missouri Gas for Rich Hill

Missouri Gas for Rich Hill
Taken from the Nevada Daily Mail Thursday February the 18th 1909.

 The Nevada Daily Mail Thursday February the 18th 1909.

Missouri Gas for Rich Hill

The citizens of this town held a jubilee in advance today on account of the fact that tonight Missouri natural gas was turned into the city gas mains. For 20 years this city Has paid $1.50 per thousand cubic feet for artificial gas, Which is five times the price they will pay to use the natural article. a franchise was voted a year ago to business men Of this city who Incorporated  the Rich Hill Natural Gas Company with a paid up capital of $12,000. They have grilled in five big wells in the Elgort field five miles west of Town ,laid the pipe line and attached to mains 


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Rich Hill Mining Review July 1930 Jubilee Celebration

Rich Hill Mining Review July 1930 Jubilee Celebration


Rich Hill is expected to Entertain Thousands of Visitors to the Jubilee Celebration Next Week.

The city wishes to make a request of everybody in Rich Hill to clean up their premises and mow the grass and weeds both on their properties and the street in front. It is asked that this be done at once. The city is devoting every energy to getting the streets cleaned up and the paved street dressed up and ask the people to help get things in shape. The oil and gravel will be here Wednesday to finish the centers and shoulders of the paved streets. 

All businessmen are asked to put their trash into wire holders to burn in the backyards instead of loose as many do. A look at the paper on the streets will show the necessity of this. Looking it over for addresses one often finds paper in the gutter in front of the store that had been put out of the back door at the very place found. These Merchants would not think of throwing it into the street but in an hour it is often there. 

One of the weakest things about the appearance of Rich Hill is that the store windows are not lighted at night. If the merchants would light their windows from now until after the HomeComing most of them would find that it pays so well that they would continue the practice. The few who do find that it pays.

Sections of Park avenue will be closed for a few hours at a time this week while the centers and the shoulders are being finished, and during this time people will be asked to park on other streets and around the park. The officers say that the only trouble they are having with people parking at the curb is people who live right here in town, and in some cases they try to get hard boiled about it. It may be possible that trying to relieve congestion is wrong, but the officers feel that the home people should help them.

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"Rich Hill Mo". spoon bowl.

 This e-mail was sent to Mayor Rich on 

Date: Thu, Feb 10, 2022 at 11:26 PM

My name is Dan Pierson and I am a metal detector hobbyist.  I'm in Denver Colorado and I live just behind the site of the Loretto Heights College that was opened as a Catholic boarding school for young girls in 1891.  Sadly, over the years the school grounds have changed hands several times and the area is slated for redevelopment into residential units.  The group of hobbyists I belong to made a deal with the developers that allowed us to detect on their grounds so long as we donated any historical artifacts to them for a display in the future.  The attached newsletter from my city councilman has an article on the last page that details some of our activities before the pandemic hit. 


What does this all have to do with you?  One of the items we found was this spoon bowl.  After some hours of cleaning we were finally able to decipher the engraving on it and it says "Rich Hill Mo".  I thought you might be interested in seeing it and perhaps could shed some light on its history.  Perhaps when spoons like this were produced?  Do you know any families that might have sent a daughter out west between 1890 and the 1920's.  Based on the age of other objects found near the spoon we don't think it was later than 1930.


Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you,


Dan Pierson


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Grand Six Round Glove Contest {Bill Printed in 1887 Rich Hill Review}

 Grand Six-Round Glove Contest

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Rich Hill Bandstand West Park 1907 Stormy January

 Rich Hill Bandstand West Park 1907 Stormy January Day

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1951 Mining Review article on the first fourth of July in Rich Hill

 Fourth of July celebrations are not new in Rich Hill. Rich Hill has celebrated yearly since 1881 except during World War I and World War II. The first celebration was held on the block on the North side of Walnut Street, just east of the railroad tracks.

A hotel was located where the Paris Woodall home now stands. Heavy timbers were hauled in to make shelter tents because there were no trees at that time to provide shade.
Each year the committees try to make the celebration better than the preceding one and this year is no exception. These celebrations are really rich hills annual homecoming days for people traveling great distances to meet their friends here.