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Pvt. George Phillips

I found this information on Pvt George Phillips at
George Phillips was born on 14 July 1926 in Rich Hill, Missouri, and enlisted in the Marine Corps in April 1944. Phillips was assigned to the Second Battalion, Twenty-eighth Marines, FIFTH Marine Division during the battle for Iwo Jima. During the night of 14 March 1945, he was standing watch as other Marines rested when Japanese troops tossed a hand-grenade among them. Instantly realizing the gravity of the situation, Private Phillips threw himself on the grenade, sacrificing his own life to save his comrades from the blast. For his "conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty," he was posthumously awarded Medal of Honor. George Phillips is buried at Bethel Cemetery, Labadie, Missouri.

Medal of Honor citation of Private George Phillips, USMCR (as printed in the official publication "Medal of Honor, 1861-1949, The Navy", page 241):
"For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving with the Second Battalion, Twenty-eighth Marines, FIFTH Marine Division, in action against the enemy Japanese forces during the seizure of Iwo Jima in the Volcano Islands, on 14 March 1945. Standing the foxhole watch while other members of his squad rested after a night of bitter hand-grenade fighting against infiltrating Japanese troops, Private Phillips was the only member of his unit alerted when an enemy hand grenade was tossed into their midst. Instantly shouting a warning, he unhesitatingly threw himself on the deadly missile, absorbing the shattering violence of the exploding charge in his own body and protecting his comrades from serious injury. Stout-hearted and indomitable, Private Phillips willingly yielded his own life that his fellow Marines might carry on the relentless battle against a fanatic enemy. His superb valor and unfaltering spirit of self-sacrifice in the face of certain death reflect the highest credit upon himself and the United States Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his country."

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More on Cleo F. Craig

I got this picture and story from Craig family website:

Very interesting's funny to read about what they thought the future in telecommunications was going to be, back in the 50s.

The magazine states:
"Missouri-born Cleo Craig, (he got his odd first name, because his parents had picked it for the girl they were expecting and didn't bother to change it. - who knew??), has spent 43 years learning his huge job. Armed with an engineering degree and varsity letter in basketball from the University of Missouri, he started in St. Louis as a $15-a-week maintenance man. After tours in Kansas City, New York and Atlanta, he settled into 195 Broadway in 1933 as long-lines general manager. By the time he stepped into AT&Ts top spot in 1951, he had held half a dozen vice presidential portfolios - long-lines, personnel (for seven years), finance, revenues, operations and engineering. Craig doesn't "run" the telephone company. No man could. But he has a big hand in keeping its line unsnarled."

It then goes on to describe a day at the office as well as his philosiphies. Very interesting article.

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Rich Hill at MU

Cleo Craig 1913 MU Yearbook

Leo Loeb 1906 MU yearbook
James Rand 1913 MU Yearbook
William Harris 1901-1902 MU yearbook

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Rich Hill Photos By Trinity Bennett (Nelson)

I got these pictures from Trinity Bennett.Trinity said, it was OK to use her photos as long as there is a photo credit-So check out Trinity's website :/http/

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More on the Sam Queen Shooting in 1913

Chillicothe Morning Constitution (Chillicothe, Missouri)March 6,1914
Identify Kansas City Suspect,
Rich Hill, Mo. March 6-Sheriff Harve Johnson and Deputy Charles Horton today returned from Kansas city, where they positively identified John Shread , who is being held by Kansas City officers as the man who shot constable Sam Queen of Hume, Mo. on a train here in 1913,Shread will be returned to Bates County to answer a charge of Murder.
Chillicothe Morning Constitution (Chillicothe, Missouri)June 13,1914
A Life term For John Shead.
Butler Mo. June-13-John Shead was found guilty this Morning by a jury in the circuit court here of the murder of Sam Queen,a constable of Hume, Mo. The jury fixed his penalty at life imprisonment,Shead shot and killed Queen on a train near Rich Hill .Hume was taking Dale Jones to the Bates County jail on the charge of stealing a motor car.Shead dumped on the passenger train and shot Queen,both Jones and Shead escaped.Thy later were arrested in Kansas City,letters said to have been found in the pockets of Jones told of a plot to blow up the Bates County Jail.The Jury went out last night and returned the verdict this morning.

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City Hall and the Jail

The first picture below is of the Rich Hill Calaboose (City Jail). The structure is made of sandstone, which I find interesting because the city hall is made of brick. I often wondered if city hall and the jail were built at the same time, I am now closer to finding that answer. Below this picture of the jail are 3 more pictures which happen to be old city maps I recently found. The first map picture is a layout from 1888 it shows no city hall or jail. The second map dated 1893 of the same area shows some kind of fire station with a bell tower and the jail is built. Finally, the last map is of the area in 1898 and you can see city hall is now built with the jail or Calaboose next to it. These maps prove that the jail was built first sometime between 1888-1893. The maps also prove the city hall was built sometime between 1893 & 1898. It has been said, that the Rich Hill City Hall was built in 1896 which according to these maps is correct. From these maps I now have a time frame as to when the jail was built.

Map #2-1893
Map #3- 1898

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Daily Review March 5 ,1930

High School Notes
Last Thursday morning during the assembly period, the Junior class presented a musical program, which was very entertaining. Those who took part were Mary Jane Moreland, Marvin Gench and Edwin Carr.
Last week the winners of the essay contest sponsored by our mayor, George B. Dowel, were announced in assembly. Mr. Dowell is very generous and takes a profound interest in our school. Recently he offered cash prizes for the best essay written by high school students on the subject, "Why We Need Laws and Why Laws Need Enforcement." the winners in the Junior-Senior division are: Nell Anderson, first; Christine Weathers, second; Kathleen Earsom, third; The winners in the Sophomore class are: Sylvia Myers, first; Elsie Glenn, second; Olive William, third. In the Freshman class: Louise Wilson, first; Louise Crabb, second; Mildred McCullough, third. Mr. Dowell also offered prizes to the grade students but the awards have not been made.
Editor--Erna Fajen

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July 4th 2002 Rich Hill

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Bart and Rich Hill History

Here is some History: thats my Dad in the yellow shirt and me on the pony.Rich Hill 4th of July 1971

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1912 Rich Hill Boys Basketball

Out of the 1912Rich Hill Yearbook

Boys Basketball Team -Harry Williams (top Left) W.L.Coonrod-Coach(Top center)Fred Yarrick(top Right)Robbin Wright(center Left)James Wheatley(Center- Center)Leo Engles (left Center)Ernest Long(lower left)Hendrick Cheverton(lower right)

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Rich Hill Caboose MP 13689

MP 13665-13714 (50 cars)

  • Assigned UP Class CA-32
  • Built in October 1976 by International Car Corp. (Lot 2325).
  • Bay window; 41 feet, 7-3/4 inches over coupler pulling faces; 52,700 pounds light weight.
MP 1368912 Apr 1989Removed from service on 25 July 1986 at Sedalia, Mo. Donated to City of Rich Hill, Mo., April 1989.
These pictures came from Train web

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The Nevada Daily Mail - Aug 23, 1960

Essay Winner
Don Droz 16, and his mother ,Mrs. Glenn Droz of Rich Hill,have just returned from Trenton, N.J. where they spent a week as guests of the Trenton chamber of Commerce.Don was awarded the trip as winner of a national essay contest entitled "Why I would like to visit historic Trenton" They were guest guests at leading restaurants, a hotel, visited places of business, made a tour of the city and on a boat cruise during the week.Don tops his class scholastically, is a Letterman in Football at Rich Hill High School and represented the junior class at boys state.He has been interested in writing for some time, having worked as a paperboy, learned to operate a Linotype and eventually served as a reporter for the paper .His father Glenn Droz ia a rural mail carrier.Don experts to attend the University of Missouri, after his Senior year at Rich Hill .

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Rich Hill Today by George B. Dowell August 1,1930

Tonight's blog is on former Mayor George Benjamin Dowell.George was mayor at the 50 year celebration and it appears that he worked very hard to make the celebration a great event. I found this article where he was concerned about Rich Hill of today and its future.
From the Bates County Republican August 1,1930
Without imaginative boosting it can truthfully be said that Rich Hill is growing,in spite of the inertia of conditions.The low ebb in Rich Hill History was in 1925.At that time a check showed over sixty empty houses in town,five empty business houses and a depression in every way.If Rich Hill's census had been taken at that time it would have looked very bad.
But then came Highway No.71.This may have hurt some towns but was the beginning of the new growth to Rich Hill.
Until No. 71 was built the towns in this part of the state had coal yards which shipped in Illinois coal by that strange freight rate which gave it an advantage. Now when anybody in these towns wants coal he calls his truck driver who comes to the Rich Hill Mines to get it.A check made last winter showed that a 100 diggers were busy supplying this business.The town filled up and growth began.
More coal shafts were sunk.More are now contemplated.For that reason it is no exaggeration when it is claimed that the coal industry is growing,and Rich Hill is the one Town between here and Kansas City with a real pay roll during the winter when most towns are without any.
Then about that time the school added Vocational Agriculture,Domestic Science,Teachers Training, Business Course and whether you not-football. All or these together have been swelling the non-resident attendance until each September it becomes a problem

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Constable Queen, Shot in Rich Hill

Queen, Sam
Constable Queen, who was shot by a bandit at Rich Hill the early part of last week, died at his home in Hume last Friday morning. It is too bad that men should died in the performance of duty. -- Died at his Home in Hume Nov. 28 1913 in Hume Missouri.The Adrian Journal, December 4r, 1913, Page 4 column 2, Death
After the shooting shooting of Constable Queen at Rich Hill and tho offering of rewards by the Missouri Pacific railway company .
The Nevada Daily Mail says that it was Nov.of 1913 that Constable Queen was shoot in Rich Hill.The daily says that John Shead and Dale Jones were charged with desperate crimes committed in Kansas city.Constable Queen of Hume arrested Jones and Shead and took them to Rich Hill where he boarded the evening Missouri Pacific Train for Kansas City.Before the Train started the officer was attacked and shot and his prisoner's escaped Jones and Shead were charged with killing the constable and Shead was convicted at Butler but Dale Jones broke jail later escaped.(Jan.12,1914)Nevada daily Mail

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Coal Oil in 1883

The Missouri Oil Fields
ST.LOUIS, Aug.9.--The discoveries of coaloil in Bates and Vernon Counties in this State are attracting considerable attention from Eastern operators.Today W.W. Gilmore a Pennsylvania oil Man, who has just returned from a visit to Rich Hill and vicinity, said that the surface indications in both Bates and Vernon Counties are the best he ever saw.The oil lands about Rich Hill had all been taken up, but in prospecting in Vernon County, near Carbon Center, he found the finest indications seen anywhere in the County. The Oil can be found in paying quantities.He met a farmer there who sank a tub into his land at night and found it filled in the morning with oil almost as thick as that which is sold as lubricant for 50 cents a gallon.The Oil is essentially petroleum.Mr. Gilmore said that he leased 1,700 acres of land,and was on the way to Pittsburgh to get the necessary machinery.Dumon +Foote are now sinking their second Well,and within 10 days,Mr. Gilmore said,there will probably be six more wells.The Machinery for five wells is now on the way from Pittsburgh.There is great excitement all through the oil region,which is full Pennsylvania speculators, who are leading all the land they can get hold of.
The principal companies are Wright & Co. Scott & CO. Collins & Hardeson ,and M.S. Cowles & Co.
Speaking of the quality of the oil. Mr. Gilmore Said it is not richer than Pennsylvania Oil but is of good quality."The oil man are only leasing the land. Collins and Hardeson paid $5000 for an option lease of 320 acres for 18 months at $75 an acre.

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Pictures from the Mining Review June 28,1973

Several businesses in the business district have undergone a face-lift recently,just in time for the Fourth.Hughs Insurance and Moreland's Cafe received a new coat of paint.
Larry's Barber shop was given a new look with red paint and new signs.The circle windows given an old-fashioned look to the shop.
Dan Zumbrunnen put new siding on the D&L Variety Store and did painting on both the Variety Store and the Fabric Shop.

Slim Gulick has been busy in the East Park cutting dead trees.This will help the appearance and also improve the safety of the Park.