Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in Rich Hill 1931

Rich Hill Mining Review Dec 1931
Fine Programs at the Churches; Poor Remembered—700 Kiddies Given Gifts from the Big Tree

With mild weather and bright sunshine residents of Rich Hill enjoyed Christmas, although they had to forego the joys of a "white" Christmas. Brilliant colored lights of trees shone brightly in many homes and in the business district and the holiday spirit prevailed generally. Christmas programs at the various churches also were en­joyable to many who attended the festivities. The entertainments were given with brillant lights and colorful features.

While residents were enjoying all the good things that Christmas brings needy persons of the city were not forgotten. The B P. O Elks co-operating with the charity association distributed 30 baskets of food to the needy, and the Presbyterian church also supplied a number of baskets of good things.

Another special feature was the Christmas tree provided by the business men for the children, and it was, a big success, as about 700 kiddies were gathered at the tree and Old Santa gave them a genuine surprise by distributing boxes of candy and nuts, and everyone was glad to be there. They were cer­tainly made happy.

While merchants may not have had as large a business as in more prosperous times, they enjoyed a very satisfactory business.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rich Hill Mining Review June 26,2003

Kenny Thurman Retires
I like this story because Ken now works on the city crew after his retirement.
Ken Thurman was honored Sunday, June 22, by friends and famly in Hume. Thurman will work his last day for the Postal service on Friday, June 27. For last 38 years, Thurman has been a government employee.
His career with the post office started in Harrisonville as a clerk carrier. Thurman then worked at the bulk mail facility in Kansas City for 10 years. The last 18 and a half years have been spent as the Hume postmaster.
Although Thurman will miss seeing people and visiting with friends on a daily basis,he has plans retirement.
I plan on resting, was Thurman's first response. Although he also confessed to having a rather lengthy "honey do" list from Esther, his wife.
Everyone wished the Thurmans their best while enjoying,cake and listening to music by the Band,The County Storm

Monday, December 14, 2009

Pictures from Jerry

I began to feel like a had hit a dry spot as I wasn't finding any new information or pictures.
Tonights blog is from Jerry Pfeifer the reporter from the Mining Review. Thanks for the pictures Jerry they are greatly appreciated!

The picture below is located on the Northwest corner of 6th and Park Avenue downtown Rich Hill, Missouri.

The picture below is just west of the corner of 6th and Park Avenue, Rich Hill Mo. It is a picture of the old Clark's Drug Store.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Old Rich Hill Brick factory Part2

Thanks to Jeff Droz for this Photo
Almost a year later but here is the first story http://richhillhistory.blogspot.com/2008/12/old-brick-factory.html

Vitrified Brick Factory

In 1890 Major Wilson formerly the senior member of the Sanderson and Wilson Hardware and Undertaking Establishment together with T.B. Farmer and Ben Evens, instated a brick Factory just outside the city limits to the north and alongside the Missouri Pacific railroad for the production of verified brick. After a few years of experimenting it was found that the soil in the immediate vicinity was not suited for the vermiform product desired. So they sold the plant to Hedges and Booth. However, Mr. Wilson had manufactured and sold many thousands of bricks, both locally and abroad. The product was used quite extensively for sidewalks.
Rich Hill City Hall was constructed of the bricks but after a few years the building had to be heavily succored to preserve and strengthen the(at the time)-two story walls. It might be well to mention that Mr. Wilson was a member of the board of aldermen at the time the building was erected.
Hedges and Booth converted the plant into a farm tile factory and finally sold to the Dickey Tile Company of Kansas City. The Dickey organization continued for a number of years but, after exhausting the clay substance on its own property, and failing in an effort to secure that on adjacent lands discontinued operations.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rich Hill Jr. Football 2009

I found this Video on Utube