Saturday, June 29, 2013

Story from Tom Perry

Exclusive Music Store
In 1887, Mr. John H. Freeborn launched into the musical instrument business in Rich Hill, which was unusual considering this community was composed entirely of day laborers, factory workers, and coal miners. However his guessing paid dividends in a short time and he had about all the business he could handle. Mr. Freeborn's place of business occupied all of the 25 x 100 ft. building where the American Legion Memorial is now situated, and was filled with all kinds of musical instruments, sheet music, etc. It seemed at the time he had used poor judgement in establishing a music store in the town, then but a few years old, but had plenty of customers from the first days opening. He was one of the most progressive men of the town and built for his home a large residence on South Eighth street, where the Mrs. Louis Vodry family lived in the 1950's. Unfortunately Mr. Freeborn dropped dead while alone in his store in the summer of 1889.