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1883 Rich Hill Missouri Directory

Check out the 1883 City Directory on Line this book is at the Rich Hill Library

1883 Rich Hill Directory

Parade Tradition

I forgot to get a date on this picture,but I think it came out the 1980 Wagon Wheel
This photo shows Stephanie,age4,and Gretchen age1 as they made their debut in the 1967 July 4th parade. In 1971 their new baby sister, Jennifer,joined in the parade tradition. Stephanie had been every parade until this year, Gretchen has been in every parade for 14 years and Jennifer in everyone for 10 years.They are the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Perkey.

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Jerry Lee Boyles Links

is honored on Panel 50E, Row 36 of
the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Nevada Daily Mail - Oct 21, 1998

1968 Jerry Lee Boyles from Foster, MO born on 11/08/1948 holding the rank of SP4 in the Army is listed as Causality number 25891

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City Hall 1970's

1970's picture of City Hall

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Rich Hill Football wins the Show Me Bowl 1999

1999 MSHSAA Championships Show-ME Bowl (Official Program)

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Ice storm causes havoc in Rich Hill

by Jan Newcomb staff writer Rich Hill Mining Review (Feb.7, 2002)
Tuesday night rain began to fall over the area. By Wednesday the cold temperatures caused the to freeze on trees,power lines anything above ground.The only saving grace of the ice storm is that the roadway did not freeze.
Area residents awoke Thursday to a frozen winter wonderland.The weight of the ice snapped power lines and the poles that held them.Limbs were down and in some cases entire trees fell.
Rich Hill and Hume cancelled classes Thursday and Friday due to Electrical outages.
To apply with the Department of Natural Resources regulations a boil order was issued Thursday for the City of Rich Hill. Lack of electricity caused the water pressure to be low.Residents were asked to boil water for drinking and cooking.The order was lifted at noon on Saturday.
City crews worked a 36 hour shift in the rain repairing lines in Rich Hill on Thursday night. City Superintendent Phil Morrison said,"the only time we went home was to put on dry clothes." Morrison said, the crew's moral stayed healthy with the help of hot coffee, food and patience from city residents."I've got a good crew," Morrison added.
City Clerk,Rose Entrikin says as of Monday all city residents have power as far as the city knows. However, many lines remain down. Many poles still need repair. The crew repaired lines in the quickest, fashion possible. Some residents have been hooked up temporarily. The city has field papers with State Emergency Management. Entrikin expects to hear from them very soon regarding funding to assist the city in this disaster.
Entrikin also asks for residents to, "be patient, with the tree limbs." The city dump is full and the city cannot burn tree limbs without approval from the Department of Natural Resources. the paperwork has been filed to receive permission to burn. Residents are asked to pile limbs and wait patiently.

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J.C. Crosswhite Obit

J.C. Crosswhite Obit is from the Aug.1930 Mining Review

J.C. Crosswhite as he was known to his friends was born in Greenburg Mo. ,July 17, 1862.He departed this life at his home in Rich Hill, mo. August 8, 1930,age 68 years and 21 days.
He came with his parents to Vernon county, Mo., while he was yet a small boy.He there grew to manhood and resided there until 1893 when came to bates County,Mo. and home and remained a resident of Bates County during the remainder of his life.
In 1887 he and miss Eugenia Davis were untied in marriage.To this union four children were born, Nellie ,who departed this life about 8 years ago:A.W. Crosswhite of Rich Hill,Charles C.Crosswhite of Cameron,Mo. and Lida Gordon of Seminole Okla.Mrs Crosswhite,the mother of the children above named, departed this life February 10,1897.
On December 25,1898 J.C. Crosswhite and Miss Mary Burns were married and to this marriage one son,James B. was born but departed this life in infancy.
Mr. Crosswhite is survived by his Widow, the two sons and one daughter mentioned.
J.C. Crosswhite gave twenty-five years of the best of his life to the work of pubic School teacher. He was one of the outstanding teachers of this and Vernon county.He was a man splendidly equipped for this work by reason of education, temperament,devotion to duty, integrity of character and the ideals that inspired him to effort.
By his splendid work as a teacher he has build into the lives and characters of the youth with whom he came in touch a monument of splendid constructive achievement more lasting than granite pile and higher than marble shaft could be erected to his memory,and by the helpfulness of his life has left in departure a permanent and lasting benefit to the communities in which he lived and served.
By reason of the splendid character of the man and the great value of his life's services, he leaves, in addition to those of his immediate family mentioned, four brothers and two sisters and a vast host of friends who are fully conscious of the distinct loss this state sustains by reason of his departure.
In the death of J.C. Crosswhite a devoted father, loyal husband,consecrated teacher,dependable friend and splendidly patriotic citizen has passed from our midst.

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First Farm Market Road in Bates County

The first Farm Market road in Bates County was {A} hi-way.That is why it 's the letter A for the first road
1932 Map from
State Road Makes Travel Communication With Rest of County Possible.
With the first farm to market road in Bates County completed about ten days ago, the accessibility of the southwestern corner of the county is becoming realized. This road which extends from Hume, a town of 700 in the ex­treme corner, eastward to Rich Hill where it connects with U.S. highway 71 taps one of the most productive agricultural and industrial sections of the county. says the Hume Messenger.
The completion of this road now makes us Missourian. Our county seat is now less than an hour's drive away. It can be reached by all-weather road. Nevada the county seat of Vernon County on the south, is at a similar distance. And Rich Hill has become our next door, neighbor.
Now that Hume has no banking facilities this immediate travel connection with these towns should be and are appreciated.
Rich Hill Daily Review Aug. 21 1931

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1938 Rich Hill Football

This is from the Oct. 14 ,1938 Bates County Republican Newspaper

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Missouri State Offices Political and Military Records for Rich Hill1919 - 1920

1.C.J. Allen (physician) in Rich Hill Mo.{page 316}
2. J.T. Baker (Justice of the peace) in Rich Hill Mo.{page 316}
3. N.W. Ballfinch (clerk) in Rich Hill Mo. {page 316}
4. E.E, Bean (Mining Review) in Rich Hill Mo. {page 704}
5. E.E. Follin (street commissioner) in Rich Hill Mo. {page 316}
6. William Fritz (alderman) in Rich Hill Mo. {page 316}
7.Alva Gordon (superintendent water & light plant) in Rich Hill Mo. {page 316}
8. R.E. Hoover (justice of the peace) in Rich Hill Mo. {page 316}
9. J.F. Isley (alderman) in Rich Hill Mo. {page 316}
10.S. J. Jamison (postmaster) in Rich Hill Mo. {page 316}
11.Dan Lowery (marshal & night police) in Rich Hill Mo. {page 316}
12. Richard March (alderman) in Rich Hill Mo. {page 316}
13. J.J. Martin (justice of the peace) in Rich Hill Mo. {page 316}
14. L.W. Mathews (Western Enterprise newspaper) in Rich Hill Mo. {page 704)
15.H.E. Sheppard(acting attorney) in Rich Hill Mo. {page 316}
16. W. V. Smith (Mayor) in Rich Hill Mo. {page 316}
17. Jake Thomas (justice of the Peace) in Rich Hill Mo. {page 316}
18 .Albert Wiek (alderman) in Rich Hill Mo. {page 316}

Rich Hill Missouri passing for 2011